Inflatable hot tubs worst problems

Inflatable hot tubs are also known as portable hot tubs. These are great hot tubs if you want to be able to install it anywhere and have more flexibility than a permanent hot tub, but it has some issues:

  • Funky water. If you do put 4 persons into a 200-gallon hot tub, let’s see – that’s 50 gallons per person, which will overwhelm the undersized spa filters. In other words, the water can get funky and germy fast, even if everyone showers first.
  • Not safe for children. At only 28″ tall, a toddler may be able to climb into an open hot tub and possibly drown. The latching cover should prevent most entry, but only until about age 5, which is when my daughter learned how to operate the spa cover strap clips.
  • Not energy efficient. You’ll find out fast that it’s costly to keep this type of spa hot, and nearly impossible in very cold outdoor temps. In fact, in temperatures of below 50°, a 1 kW heater may not get past lukewarm.
  • Disposable. Unfortunately, many inflatable hot tubs will be neglected, abused and set out to the curb for the trash after a few years of service. They won’t all end up that way, but in general, portable spas have a short lifespan.
  • it often needs repairs like an inflatable hot tub repair kit, if you move it around it is easy to get a puncture.

I hope this help if you are looking for a inflatable hot tub to make you aware of its bad things.

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