Graphic Design Best Kept Secrets

The success of any endeavor is usually associated with certain practices. The same case also holds true for graphic design. Best practices in this field help enhance the overall visual impact of any project.

The area of concern, however, proves to be too general since it touches various related topics. To be more specific, graphic design is taken up here vis-à-vis website development. 

There is a thin line separating graphic design from web design that they are often used interchangeably. Both deal with the total look of a page being viewed including layout and typography. Web design is more specific as it deals solely on images that are used in electronic media content posted on various web pages. Graphic design on the other hand goes beyond the scope of internet projects. 

More than the blending of colours and fonts into a visually pleasing page, the layout is of utmost importance in graphic design. The arrangement of text and visuals should be properly planned out since a good lay out can create a better page impact.

To visualise this, consider a website in a three column lay out. The body or main content is positioned in the middle part as this area is where site visitors train their eyes to look first. Those that require less emphasis are relegated to the side bars. The left sidebar should contain materials that remain constant such as logos. The right sidebar is usually where you position content that are clickable and can re-direct you to another page.The reason is to cater to the navigating convenience of users who are mostly right handed and to easily point and click on image and text links in the same section.

In addition to the layout one more best kept secret is the sustained flow of creative ideas from graphic designers like 2B graphic designer in London. Constant creation of artistic designs for clients takes its toll on them, thus experiencing designer’s block.

If and when producing attractive design becomes taxing, give yourself a break and find a good source of motivation. A simple change of scenery or a breath of fresh air may spell a big difference. Taking a nap at work may also prove to be beneficial as a quick rest may bring back that sudden burst of inspiration. 

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