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Berkshire Towing – what the car towing industry is all about

All you need to do is to call Berkshire Towing and they will pick up your car and handle all the auto repairs your car needs.

And you can depend on Car Recovery Berkshire, after all, it’s been in the business since 1983 and has built up a good reputation as a reliable towing company, besides also sharing an excellent relationship with its many clients. Not surprisingly, it has several large towing centres and auto repair shops in Berkshire.

However, if you’re new to Berkshire and want to take your time in finding a towing company good for you, look out for the following:

• Ask your family and friends which towing company they go with and for any feedback on personal experiences with a few towing companies. Also, ask about Berkshire Towing.

• Check out the towing companies suggested by your auto insurance agent.

• Ask how much they charge for every tow and how far they will agree to tow your car.

• Do they need any paperwork so that you can claim these charges from your insurance provider?

• Ask if you need to pay them in advance before the job begins or if you need to pay after the insurance company.

• To ensure the long life of your car and your own peace of mind, please make a very careful decision about which towing company to go with. Do a lot of research on this and see if you can save any money, time and needless headaches. Are They Licensed, Bonded and Insured

• Ask if they have a valid working license, a bond and valid insurance—don’t assume they have these. Ask them to show you all three. This is necessary in case their workers damage your car, you can claim damages from them, particularly if yours is expensive.

• Ask them to explain all the charges to you before the final bill comes along. You should know before they tow away your car just how much it’s going to set you back by. Have them account for everything in the estimate—the hookup fee, impound storage, mileage and service charges. Before they come to pick up your car, ask to have everything down in writing.

• Also ask for their entire range of services, besides towing services, i.e. auto repair and maintenance, custom bodywork, automotive restoration, body kit paint, fibreglass work and installation. Compare these with Berkshire Towing.

• Find out if they are renowned for delivering the car back to you on-time. If they are dedicated to keeping their commitment to their clients, they may be worth considering.

• Is their staff friendly and helpful?

• Do they have the necessary equipment for all your towing requirements?

If after all your findings, you feel it’s better to go with the best.

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